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About Balderson Village Cheese Shop

Balderson Village Cheese Store continues to be a popular go-to destination for visitors looking to purchase award-winning Balderson Cheddar Cheese.

Located in the village of Balderson, Ontario Canada, this country store was once the original site of the factory which produced Balderson Cheese for many years, beginning in 1881. Operations for the production of Balderson Cheese have since changed owners and the making of balderson cheddar cheese products, is now taking place in Winchester, Ontario.

If visitors have any questions regarding balderson cheese products having to do with ingredients, quality control, packaging, or where to buy in your area, please contact PARMALAT, toll-free at 1-800-263-2858

Classic and Aged Balderson Cheddar

The first item to greet you upon entering the store is our display case of classic and aged Balderson cheddar cheese. One, two, three and five year old cheddar is available as well as Vintner selections for white and red wine as well as a double-smoked cheddar.

Balderson Championship and Royal Canadian Cheddar

Local and Imported Cheese

We also carry a good selection of local cheese such as St-Albert Cheese, Maple Dale Cheese and Ivanhoe Cheese cheese as well as a large assortment of Imported Cheese.

Maple Dale - St-Albert - Ivanhoe

Gourmet Foods, Gift Baskets and Kitchen Accessories

The country store has evolved through the years to now feature a wide variety of gourmet foods such as homemade preserves, mennonite products such as summer sausage, gluten-free products, cutting boards and accessories, and of course our ever popular gift baskets featuring delicious Balderson Cheese, filled to the brim with delicious goodies.

Balderson Creamery

Balderson Aged Cheddar Cheese

Balderson Cheese - Cheese on Display