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Balderson Classic Cheddar Fondue Recipe
Photo and recipe credit - Cheese.ca

True Blue Cheddar Fondue Recipe

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3 cupsBalderson Royal Canadian 2 Year Cheddar, grated750 mL
1 cupCambozola cheese, grated250 mL
7 cupsBalderson Championship Cheddar, grated1.75 L
1 cupTomato soup, undiluted250 mL
2 tspWorcestershire sauce10 mL
1/4 cupDry Sherry50 mL


  • Serves 6 to 8
  • Combine all ingredients except wine into a saucepan
  • Cook under medium heat, stirring continuously until cheese is melted and ingredients combined
  • Add sherry
  • Transfer to fondue pot and serve