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Gourmet Dips, Toppings & Chutneys

Balderson Village Cheese carries a large selection of delicious dips, chutneys, mustards and salas to compliment your cheese platters.

Balderson Brand Salsa

Introducing Balderson Village Cheese's own brand of salsa. This zesty version of a classic favourite comes in Mild, Medium and Hot.

Balderson Brand Salsas

Cooks Gourmet Tapas and Tapenades

Tapas are a form of appetizer or snack, whereas tapenade is a spread made from a mix of pureed olives, capers and oil. Cooks Gourmet tapas and tapenade varieties are made locally in Kingston, Ontario.

Cooks Gourmet Tapas and Tapenades

Mustards and Horseradish

gourmet mustards and horseradish

Gourmet Village Dip Mixes

gourmet village dips

Dan T's Fruit Compote

Dan T's Compote

Guacamole and Wild Garden Hummus Dips

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Mustards and Guacamole Dips Wild Garden Hummus Dip

Desert Pepper and Mrs. Renfro's Salsas

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Desert Pepper Salsa Dip Mrs. Renfro's Salsas