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PARMALAT - Makers of Balderson Cheese

Cheese.ca is the site of the Balderson Cheese manufacturing company. Here you will find interesting and useful facts about the cheese aging process, watch videos about how to cook with cheese and get some useful tips on how to serve cheese.

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Gourmet Village

We carry a wide selection of Gourmet du Village products such as dips and ceramic dip chillers, gourmet chutneys, sauces and toppings, brie bakers and brie baking accessories and many other items from this line.
Visit Gourmet du Village retail website
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Here you can read about the positive experiences of visitors to the Balderson Village Cheese Store. Yelp Reviews for Balderson Village Cheese Store

Our Suppliers

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Trudeau Kitchen Supply

Trudeau supplies many of our kitchen accessories such as our salt & pepper mills, kitchen tools and gadgets, fine wine glasses and gourmet fondue pots, and many other items. Visit Trudeau Kitchen Products website
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Sasko Gourmet Basket Supplies

Sasko Gourmet Basket supplies all of the unique and tasty gourmet foods that accompany the Balderson Cheese products in our gift baskets. Visit Sasko Gourmet Basket website
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Mrs. B's Country Candy

Mrs. B's Country Candy, located in Brighton, Ontario are the producers of delicious old-fashioned hand-made candy and chocolate confections that contain no salt or preservatives. These delicious treats are available for sale in the Balderson Village Cheese store. Visit Mrs. B's Country Candy website